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Wondering when CLSC’s spring line is coming out? Well, if lunch with Ben Hundreds, the Magic trade show in Las Vegas and a trip to New York City during fashion week weren’t big enough giveaways for you then go here.  Co-founder and CLSC Creative Director Josh Vides offers insight on the spring movement. It looks like everything is about to change for CLSC and that life is about to get real epic.


Reveries & CLSC Take On East Coast

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Fashion

Westward expansion was once our goal as a people but now it appears things have come full circle for CLSC Clothing Co. The indie designer has been very successful in the LA market but now it trying to manifest its own destiny by venturing east into the untapped New York market.

We at Reveries Media are proud to support CLSC’s endeavors. Our east coast initiative includes a blog tailored specifically for our new demographic, an upcoming photo shoot, guerilla marketing tactics and retail expansion with more to come. Go forth and join the revolution. Be an east coast trend setter before everyone else jumps on the CLSC bandwagon.