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Wondering when CLSC’s spring line is coming out? Well, if lunch with Ben Hundreds, the Magic trade show in Las Vegas and a trip to New York City during fashion week weren’t big enough giveaways for you then go here.  Co-founder and CLSC Creative Director Josh Vides offers insight on the spring movement. It looks like everything is about to change for CLSC and that life is about to get real epic.


Download MP3 here. After originally rumoring the release of a full-length album entitled Dance Party for the Heavy Hearted sometime in early March, Chae switched up the itinerary; electing to release a mix tape prior to DPFTHH.  So before the official invite to the Dance Party’ Chae’s officially rolling out another one of his well-received mix tapes; Blues of a Journeyman.

Stay tuned for Dance Party for the Heavy Hearted.

All is Well on the Eastern Front

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Recently, here at Reveries we’ve been closely coordinating with CLSC, a Los Angeles-based clothing line, in creating and maintaining a New York-centered blog entitled “EN WHY.” Be sure to follow all our behind the scenes effort and watch as we help CLSC take the East by storm, literally.